Movie Review: Wonder

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary August Pullman was born with “facial differences”. He was homeschooled by his mother until he reached fifth grade. His parents decided it was time that he went to a normal school. Having to deal with other people staring and whispering around him was his daily life. Therefore, Auggie was both… Continue reading Movie Review: Wonder

This Or That Book Tag

Thank you Krishna for tagging me to do this fun book tag! Also, this tag was originally created by AYUNDA! Rules to this book tag: Mention the creator of the tag Thank the blogger who tagged you! Tag other people to do the tag and spread the love! Questions Reading on the couch or on the bed?… Continue reading This Or That Book Tag

Book Review: Usborne Growing Up For Girls

This was the second book that I read regarding growing up for girls. I was very impressed with the range of topics in this book. There wasn’t much graphics nor colour pictures in this book though. Besides the basic growing up topics about the changing body, it included: -eating disorders -exercise -body image -sex and… Continue reading Book Review: Usborne Growing Up For Girls

Netflix Movie: Bulbbul

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary As a young little girl, Bulbbul was given away as a child bride to a creepy man who looked like he was three or four times older than her. His twin brother, who was developmentally challenged, made advances at her constantly, even though he was married to a cruel wife.… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Bulbbul

Art Inspiration: Ugly Dolls

To be yourself And be proud About it, No matter who And where You are. Remember this When others Try to push you down And stand above All your accomplishments. —– Chocoviv ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:

Movie Review: Uglydolls

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Where do ugly dolls go? To Uglyville! So whenever a “mistake” that was subpar happened at the doll factory, it was sent away to be forgotten in Uglyville. There Uglydolls lived happily being themselves… until one day Moxy, the protagonist, found a way to her ultimate dream of becoming someone’s doll—… Continue reading Movie Review: Uglydolls

Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

Image Courtesy of Amazon Being a mother and an early childhood educator myself, I value the information that this book has in its pages, even though my children are much older than 8 now. Despite the fact that I have the training for early childhood education, it is often easier to be more in control… Continue reading Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

Netflix Movie: His House

Image Courtesy of Summary A couple from war torn Sudan finally achieved their refugee status and was given a house to live in. At first they were ecstatic, but soon they discovered that they are living with more than their dreams…. Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia Themes 1) discrimination: One scene that hit me hard… Continue reading Netflix Movie: His House


If you find yourself at home instead of trick-or-treating with friends, or showing off your costume at a Halloween party this year, here are some … 6 WAYS TO HAVE AN EPIC HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION AT HOME I will still be leaving out treats for the little ones in our neighbourhood to grab for themselves from… Continue reading Reblog Feature: 6 WAYS TO HAVE AN EPIC HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION AT HOME

Art Inspiration: Haunted House

In the dark of the night, Creepy creatures Crawl out of the floor boards. Lonely souls float Wandering along Lost beyond Hope. Their final destination Was this vacant, Empty and Abandoned Home. —– Chocoviv Would you ever venture into a haunted house? Have you been in one? Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on