Reblog Feature: The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

The narcissist realm of the sisterhood. Sisterhood is all that some women can talk about it. Sisterhood this, that… and yet when you need them they …

The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

Women supporting women! This is a phrase that I use more and more often. Sadly, many of us have faced people who often do the opposite. These people would act like they care, but what they say is the opposite! They drain your energy and blame you for not up to their standards.

Top 3 Toxic Behaviours

1) Belittle other women:

eg. Your relationship is a wreck because it’s your fault for choosing it.

2) Dismissing good news:

eg. Things are going your way. They say, “It’s not that great actually, according to my standard. Your expectations are too low!”

3) Blame you when you stand up for yourself:

eg. When you refuse to do extra tasks for her, she accuses you. “You are so selfish! So and so would do it without me asking! Selfish!”

Many of us may not be able to completely cut these women out of our lives. Thankfully, Covid-19 has helped me personally to drastically reduce my encounters to them. Ultimately, even the phone calls that demand me to do extra tasks has completely vanished! Thank goodness!

Do you have anyone or people who are like that? How do you deal with them?

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7 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

  1. My best friend has a narc sister and she does allllll the basic narc text book stuff. She struggles with it though since that is her older sister and you always want to look up to them… but lately the things she’s been telling my BFF have just been WAY over the top and low blows.

    I am glad that in the last year or so she’s decided to put distance between them!


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