Reblog Feature: 5 Plastic-Free Swaps

So many of us all over the world are trying to figure out the best course of action towards maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle. These unprecedented challenges have created a new approach to how we use what we need and how we discard what we don’t. If you were on a waste-free path prior to the… Continue reading Reblog Feature: 5 Plastic-Free Swaps

Blooming Amidst The Quarantine

Like a ray of sunshine Piercing through the clouds, Bursting with happiness Shining among the blades Of shiny, wild grass. What a joy to see! —Chocoviv These beautiful bushes are blooming in front of my parent’s house. They are attracting neighbours, who love to take photos of them! Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on

Reblog Feature: Gardening For Therapy Part 2

Happy Mother’s day!! One of my reasons for writing a 2 part blog post about gardening was to lead to Mother’s day and emphasize the necessity of us moms do something that gives us pleasure. As moms, most of the time, we put the well being and happiness of our children and everyone else before… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Gardening For Therapy Part 2

Mother’s Day During Lock Down

Mother’s Day was normally a day that many folks would go out to restaurants to have a meal with their family. But not this year…. Covid-19 caused many restaurants to only do take-out or delivery orders over here in our area. Sadly, some restaurants even had to closed permanently. This Mother’s Day, we preordered a… Continue reading Mother’s Day During Lock Down

Hiding Behind A Positive Facade

Image Courtesy of Yukon Hippo “哪怕世界多殘酷, 哪怕心裡多悲傷, 心有多傷痕, 眼眶多淚水, 時間流逝, 可一切依舊, 也一樣的痛⋯⋯” —-Chocoviv I am good at hide and seek games. It’s been over a month now, quarantined at home. Constantly reading about how life was tough for those working outside or at home, I felt guilty for staying at home and not working. Therefore,… Continue reading Hiding Behind A Positive Facade

My Sketch Book: Stylish Entries

Browsing through mountains of magazines as a teenager, I used to sketch numerous images of clothes, cars and models. Here are some of my current works…… John Fluevog Shoes The “Dr. Bonnie Henry” shoes were inspired by British Columbia’s Chief Provincial Health Officer. She has been an excellent source of information during this COVID-19 situation.… Continue reading My Sketch Book: Stylish Entries

Product Review: 23.5 N From Taiwan

Rice in skincare? I remember that my mother used to tell me to save the water that was used to rinse the rice. She would say that it was great for cleansing the skin. Therefore, when I was given this set of skincare products from 23.5 N, I was intrigued. Rice Soothing Makeup Removal Gel… Continue reading Product Review: 23.5 N From Taiwan

Reblog Feature: Is Pandemic Easier On Ecofriendly Lifestyle?

Earth day is upon us. I think this is the first time in many years that Earth is getting what it deserved. Kind of a break from us. Due to COVID 19, a lot of countries put a restriction on travel and advised people to stay home. That means less gas emission, which already proved to be… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Is Pandemic Easier On Ecofriendly Lifestyle?

My Batman Model Kit

Ever since I was a little girl, I preferred toys like LEGO and building toys, over dolls. I loved superheroes and was envious of all those model kits that many of my male friends owned. All those model kits of characters from animations brought to life… However, as a girl, it wasn’t a hobby that… Continue reading My Batman Model Kit

Easter Day In Quarantine

Happy Easter!! One of the sketches of this week was this Easter basket that I did a few days ago. Normally, I would take the children out for Easter egg hunts during the Easter weekend. But, not this year…. we only walked around the block. The sun was out and the neighbourhood felt surreal. None… Continue reading Easter Day In Quarantine

Reblog Feature: What Covid-19 Stands For Me In Quarantine

So it’s been at least a minimum of two weeks of quarantine and social distancing for everyone in Vancouver. How are you doing? Anyone else thinks that they are stuck in the Groundhog Day Movie? Have you decided what COVID 19 stands for you? I’m normally a positive person and on purpose stay away from… Continue reading Reblog Feature: What Covid-19 Stands For Me In Quarantine

Blogger Nomination By The Black Ant Blog

Here Are The Rules 1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. 2. Write a post to show your award. 3. Give a brief story of how your blog started. 4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers. 5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give… Continue reading Blogger Nomination By The Black Ant Blog

Netflix Movie Review: Life Of The Party

Image Courtesy of IMDB Social distancing had got me really missing my friends. I missed being surrounded by my gal friends! Melissa McCarthy often tickled my funny bone with her outrageous and fierce roles. I just had to watching this one. Summary The instant Deanne and her husband, Dan, dropped off their daughter, Maddie, to… Continue reading Netflix Movie Review: Life Of The Party

Reblog Feature: Keep Fruit And Vegetables Fresher (How To Boost Your Immune System)

Most of us understood that fruit and vegetables were important for our health. More specifically, fruit and vegetables helped to boost our immune system. However, did you ever wonder how these fruit and vegetables boost our immune system? Let us take a look at some common produce selections and their benefits. Learn more by clicking… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Keep Fruit And Vegetables Fresher (How To Boost Your Immune System)

COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

This COVID-19 virus really got nasty. Although I should not be surprised, it still seemed so surreal. After spending 20 years at my job as a certified natural health specialist and sports nutritionist, I was told that I was laid off. That was it. Go home and send in your final hours. Image: GETTY Working… Continue reading COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

Reblog Feature: Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

“It’s the first day of spring. The air is soft and the sun is shining, birds are chirping. The Earth is celebrating its rebirth. ⁠ Last night was my New Year, Persian New Year, Norouz, Spring Equinox. If it was another year, I would be out with my family visiting our extended families and friends… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

It has been extremely stressful for the past few weeks. I am sure that it is the same for everyone out there. One by one, the number of countries with people infected with the virus increased and everyone began to panic. Honestly, till now, I do not understand the sudden urge to stock up on… Continue reading Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

It’s Springtime already? The arrival of my Fabfitfun Subscription Box signalled the arrival of a new season. Calpak Packing Cubes Value: $40 US These packing cubes have a space for you to fill in some information or labelling. The mesh cover allows for you to see what is inside. I like using packing cubes to… Continue reading Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

Reblog Feature: International Women’s Day Donation Rally

To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, the gogoBags crew organized a Donation Rally for the North Shore Women’s Centre. Hence, this visit helped us get to know more about this amazing women’s centre. According to the North Shore Women’s Centre website, “it is in North Vancouver, BC. Also, the North Shore Women’s Centre is dedicated to improving… Continue reading Reblog Feature: International Women’s Day Donation Rally

Gokudo Shabu Shabu: Personal Hot Pot

Hot pot and cold weather makes a great match! At Gokudo Shabu Shabu, each person can have their own little hot pot of delicious soup and cook their own food in it. How To Order First, our server suggests that I chose which main dish, like pork, lamb or beef and vegetables for vegetarians. Then,… Continue reading Gokudo Shabu Shabu: Personal Hot Pot

Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

Image Courtesy Of IMDB Many of us are familiar with the character with the name of Count Dracula. Who was Count Dracula? What was his story? This was his story….. Summary This series began with a doctor who was invited to meet with a rich Count and to live with him in a grand castle… Continue reading Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

Inequality Amongst Women

This upcoming Sunday will be International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day, the focus is about “Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality.” As I glanced back into the past, women had done so much and had achieved so much for us, modern women, to enjoy. Let’s talk about childbirth. It wasn’t… Continue reading Inequality Amongst Women

Netflix Series Review: Ares

Image Courtesy of IMDB To have the ambition to succeed in life at all costs, how far would you be willing to go? Summary Rosa was a medical student studying to become a doctor. She had a hardworking father, who taught her to work hard in life. They were not wealthy and to top it… Continue reading Netflix Series Review: Ares

Universal Studios Japan (Part 2)

After spending a significant amount of time at the Harry Potter part of Universal Studios, it was time to explore the rest of it. There were so many parts of the park and so little time! I had arrived right at opening time for the day to make sure I could see as much as… Continue reading Universal Studios Japan (Part 2)

Book Review: The Magic Of Mom

Technically, this is not a typical book review. This book is a book filled with quotes from famous writers and celebrities about motherhood. Both good and bad…. Each day I would fold a few pages and read the quotes inside. I can’t wait to finish this “sculpture” and give it to my Mom! Follow Chocoviv’s… Continue reading Book Review: The Magic Of Mom

Reblog Feature: Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

Growing up in a household that loved eating leafy green vegetables, I observed they were left in the open for customers to pick what they wanted. Nowadays, plastic bags kept many of these leafy greens separated by bundles and prevented customers from picking freely. Sadly, these plastic bags also sped up the yellowing of the… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Bags That Saved My Leafy Greens

Isonoryotaro Nambaten Conveyor Belt Sushi In Osaka

Isonoryotaro Nambaten Imagine 100 yen for a plate! Depending on the colour indicator, many plates only cost 100 yen. There were more expensive ones, but I got my fill just eating mostly 100 yen plates. Another fun treat was the surprise eggs that could fall out of a machine depending on how much you ate.… Continue reading Isonoryotaro Nambaten Conveyor Belt Sushi In Osaka

Inokashira Park Zoo

The Inokashira Park Zoo in Mitaka was a spontaneous side trip from the Ghibli Museum. Only adults needed to pay for admission as children were free. Many families with young children were running about and having picnics. There was a guinea pig petting zoo too! There were a few very interesting life lessons in this… Continue reading Inokashira Park Zoo

The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Japan

I was looking for to Universal Studios because I really wanted to enter Harry Potter’s world! This one in Japan might be smaller than the North American one and Japanese was used instead of English, I was still super thrilled! Stepping through those gates, I felt like I had stepped into Hogsmeade! It all looked… Continue reading The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter At Universal Studios Japan

Eating On Japan Airline (Part Two)

As I boarded onto my return trip back home, I was curious about what meals were the stewardesses going to serve! I was very impressed with the meals going to Japan, so I was looking forward to my meals on my return flight. It was a wonderful idea to actually have local chefs design the… Continue reading Eating On Japan Airline (Part Two)

Beardie Update: Back Home To My Bearded Dragon

“I am home!” I was excited to show my bearded dragon the souvenirs that I picked up for him. My favourite is the Pikachu sofa from the Pokemon store at the airport right before we left. The children wanted to buy a felt bed, but I decided that the sofa is the cutest. Plus it’s… Continue reading Beardie Update: Back Home To My Bearded Dragon

Reblog Feature: Our World And It’s Food Waste Situation

To begin, some very disturbing numbers appear as one looks at the amount of food wasted on our planet. Most people rarely think about how much food they throw out each day. According to the statistics of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, one-third of our food in the world is what we discard… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Our World And It’s Food Waste Situation

A Spike In My Stats

This is so exciting!!! Thank you so much for the support of my subscribers! Remember to subscribe and engage with all that leaves a comment or like my posts. This is how we can support and help each other grow our blogs! Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on

Quote Of The Day: Doing My Best

It’s been a tough few days. My mental strength has been pushed to its limits again. Being told that I was selfish when I was following protocol and knowing that I had to care for my own family, was painful. On the other hand, I was also told that I was weak for not able… Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Doing My Best

My Totoro-Themed Day

I have always been a fan of Ghibli Studio’s animation. Sadly, all the entrance tickets have to be ordered over a month ahead, so I wasn’t able to visit the inside of the museum. Without a ticket meant that I couldn’t even visit the cafe or gift shop! I was a little disappointed, but I… Continue reading My Totoro-Themed Day

The Pokemon Cafe At Osaka

After months of waiting, I finally got to visit The Pokemon Cafe! As a huge fan of the original Pokemon series since the 90s, I have wanted to visit this cafe for quite some time. Luckily, there are a few of us, so I got to order and try more dishes! Yes!! The price was… Continue reading The Pokemon Cafe At Osaka

Japan Airline: Eating to Japan

Flying on Japan Airlines to Japan took ten hours, so we were served a couple meals along with unlimited snacks and drinks. We even got a tuna sandwich that was both my favourite and my daughter’s too. We both forgot to take a picture…. it was ingested very quickly. Special Treatment For Little Ones Special… Continue reading Japan Airline: Eating to Japan

Reblog Feature: Canada’s Approach To Food Waste

After doing some research, it is comforting to know that Canada actually has a plan to reduce food waste. Unfortunately, we often see a lot of good food go to waste because it’s “ugly” shape or simply discarded when they just pass their expired date! Learn more by visiting here! Remember to leave both sites… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Canada’s Approach To Food Waste

Fly Over Canada: Taiwan Edition

Fly Over Canada is a very different way of sight-seeing. We are all indoors, strapped into our seats and feet dangling above a large, circular screen. There is no voiceover of any kind and only lasts 8 minutes. However, because it feels so realistic and immersive that it feels like a longer ride. Normally, this… Continue reading Fly Over Canada: Taiwan Edition

Netflix Series Review: October Factions

Image Courtesy Of IMDB Summary Parents are constantly working hard to make ends meet and to provide for the family. The Allen’s are no different from any other parents except for their occupation as monster hunters. Themes 1) Monsters are real: Sometimes the real monsters are the people in the world…. 2) Every family has… Continue reading Netflix Series Review: October Factions

Drawing Miss Daisy On The Disney Cruise

At the Crown and Fin Bar on the Disney Cruise Ship, Wonder, a dozen of adults sat around to do some sketching…. This was one of the many adults-only activities on the cruise ship. Only adults were allowed inside the bar, for obvious reasons. What a nice touch! Afterwards, I lined up just like all… Continue reading Drawing Miss Daisy On The Disney Cruise

GallivantingMommy’s Sunshine Blogger Nomination

The rules: Thank the blogger (s) who nominated you and link back to Their blog. Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate 11 new bloggers & their blogs. Leave a comment On Their blog to let them know they received the award and ask your nominees 11 new questions. List the rules and display… Continue reading GallivantingMommy’s Sunshine Blogger Nomination

Some Smurf History And Sketching Smurfette

Do you remember the Smurfs? I was a 80s child and I grew up with the Smurfs. It was a cartoon series from 1981 to 1990. This cartoon series was developed from a comic strip like Asterix and Tin Tin. “One of the most important contributions to popular culture from the tiny nation of Belgium… Continue reading Some Smurf History And Sketching Smurfette