Netflix Movie: #ALIVE

Alone in his apartment, this gamer was completely immersed in his online game. His mother only left him a note to remind him to buy more groceries. Like a stereotypical young man, he ignored this note and continued gaming….. Until he turned on the television and heard the screams outside….. Themes 1) technology: We, humans,… Continue reading Netflix Movie: #ALIVE

Movie Review: Mulan 2020

Despite all the controversies and disputes regarding this movie, our family decided to watch “Mulan”. Being Asian and a fan of the original Mulan animation, I knew there would be many positive and negative aspects of this adaptation……But, no spoilers here! Who Was The Legendary Mulan? “Hua Mulan (Chinese: 花木兰, Chinese: 花木蘭) was a folk heroine from the Northern and Southern dynasties (4th… Continue reading Movie Review: Mulan 2020

Movie Review: Project Glutenberg

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Art and counterfeit American dollars… This movie featured two of my favourite Hong Kong movie stars, Aaron Kwok and Chow Yun Fat. Summary Lee Man was an artist, that was skilled in painting replicas of infamous paintings. His skill was so meticulous to the point of using scientific ways of making… Continue reading Movie Review: Project Glutenberg

Movie Review: Finding Mr. Right

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia As a mom of two, I was intrigued with the story of a pregnant woman from China travelling abroad and getting ready to give birth. (Birth tourism was one of the hot topics in Canada.) Then, I found out that part of the movie was filmed in Canada! Cool! Summary Jia… Continue reading Movie Review: Finding Mr. Right

Movie Review: Bombshell

Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie were three of my favourite actresses. The characters that they had played before were some of the most memorable ones. So, naturally, I looked forward to watching “Bombshell”. Summary This movie was based on actual events that happened inside Fox News Channel. The top boss of Fox News… Continue reading Movie Review: Bombshell

Netflix Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence

Jim Henson gave me a wonderful childhood. “The Muppets” characters were so lovely and realistic to me. I became fascinated by how the puppeteers would work their magic behind the scenes. My favourite character was Kermit the Frog. He seemed so real and genuine. I loved how they talked about issues like emotions and validated… Continue reading Netflix Review: Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistence

Movie Review: Dora the Explorer and the Lost City of Gold

Dora the Explorer was a big part of my life. I first met her in Disneyland before my first child. The haircut that she had reminded me of my haircut when I was a little girl. Who is that??!!! I was very curious, but forgot about her until my daughter was born. Hence, Dora the… Continue reading Movie Review: Dora the Explorer and the Lost City of Gold