Netflix Movie Review: Life Of The Party

Image Courtesy of IMDB Social distancing had got me really missing my friends. I missed being surrounded by my gal friends! Melissa McCarthy often tickled my funny bone with her outrageous and fierce roles. I just had to watching this one. Summary The instant Deanne and her husband, Dan, dropped off their daughter, Maddie, to… Continue reading Netflix Movie Review: Life Of The Party

COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

This COVID-19 virus really got nasty. Although I should not be surprised, it still seemed so surreal. After spending 20 years at my job as a certified natural health specialist and sports nutritionist, I was told that I was laid off. That was it. Go home and send in your final hours. Image: GETTY Working… Continue reading COVID-19 Got Me Laid Off

Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

It has been extremely stressful for the past few weeks. I am sure that it is the same for everyone out there. One by one, the number of countries with people infected with the virus increased and everyone began to panic. Honestly, till now, I do not understand the sudden urge to stock up on… Continue reading Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

It’s Springtime already? The arrival of my Fabfitfun Subscription Box signalled the arrival of a new season. Calpak Packing Cubes Value: $40 US These packing cubes have a space for you to fill in some information or labelling. The mesh cover allows for you to see what is inside. I like using packing cubes to… Continue reading Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

Image Courtesy Of IMDB Many of us are familiar with the character with the name of Count Dracula. Who was Count Dracula? What was his story? This was his story….. Summary This series began with a doctor who was invited to meet with a rich Count and to live with him in a grand castle… Continue reading Netflix Series Review: Count Dracula

Inequality Amongst Women

This upcoming Sunday will be International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day, the focus is about “Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality.” As I glanced back into the past, women had done so much and had achieved so much for us, modern women, to enjoy. Let’s talk about childbirth. It wasn’t… Continue reading Inequality Amongst Women