The Face Behind The Blog Tag

I was tagged by Jan On The Blog! Here is a brief background info about me! Meet Jan from Jan On The Blog !! Check out and subscribe to her blog too! Jan’s Rules You’re tagged! To my blogging friends – I love reading your posts and would love to get to know more about… Continue reading The Face Behind The Blog Tag

Book Review: Dirk Goes To Church (A Prequel To Children Of Kathaldi)

This short story by Ron Lahr was sent to me when I subscribed to his newsletter. It was a prequel to The Kathaldi Chronicles. Image Courtesy of StoryOrigin Situated in an imaginary world, Dirk, our protagonist was asked by his friend, a Kefnakian priest of the God of War, to be his body guard. Vone,… Continue reading Book Review: Dirk Goes To Church (A Prequel To Children Of Kathaldi)

Netflix Movie: Achoo

Image Courtesy of Far East Films Growing up in an orphanage with his childhood crush (Xin Xin), Wang Yi Zhi was determined to win her love as an adult by becoming a professional boxer. Even though she fell in love with a computer geek/genuine superhero, he did not give up loving her…. Image Courtesy of… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Achoo

Netflix Series: The Haunting Hour (2010-2014)

Image Courtesy of IMDb This series was like the next level of spooky stories from Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. For those with school-age children, this could be a nice and creepy series to binge through before they take it off from Netflix right after Halloween. There were four seasons and was nominated/won many awards back… Continue reading Netflix Series: The Haunting Hour (2010-2014)

Reblog Feature: Easy Halloween Spider Cookies (Tarantula Cookies)

Every Halloween we bake spider cookies as a family. A tradition that started when the boys were preschoolers. It’s fun that we are still carrying out… Easy Halloween Spider Cookies (Tarantula Cookies) Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on Go check out this amazing blog for more awesome content!:

Beardie Update: October Feels

The weather has been cooler, so he doesn’t get to hang out on the lawn anymore. Instead, he relaxes on his tree and waits for me to bring him out. As he keeps moulting, he got rounder in the belly and chin…. So, he has a new leash now as his old one is much… Continue reading Beardie Update: October Feels

Netflix Movie: Hubie Halloween

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Salem needed a hero, and his name was Hubie! Something was weird happening, which did not escape the eyes and ears of the town’s famous deli worker, Hubie. He was going to save Halloween… Themes 1) bullying: Because Hubie was different from his peers, he was made fun of all this… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Hubie Halloween

Art Inspiration: Seriously?

Seriously? Did I just hear that? Who is that person to shove Their brainless opinions Down my throat Just because of How I look? Seriously? Why don’t they Focus on themselves? I rather work hard On myself Than work out My finger! — Chocoviv Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on