Vendor Feature: Bennie & Bo

My tween was into tie dye items lately, so when Chelsea of Bennie & Bo, a Albertan small business reached out, I was ecstatic about it!! Who Is Bennie & Bo? Bennie & Bo was an idea my husband and I had pre-pandemic but didn’t come to fruition until this past spring when my boys… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Bennie & Bo

Vendor Feature: Silver Shea Designs

This is my new necklace by Silver Shea! Recently, I won her giveaway, so I wanted to interview her. 1)Who are you? My name is Christina Patton! I am a wife to the best kind of man!! We have been married for nearly 11 years. We are best friends and business partners, we have a… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Silver Shea Designs

Vendor Feature: Hayley Made This (Custom Azurill Doll)

The theme of Pokémon is everywhere! So when I found out that I had won the contest by Tiny Footprint for a custom design by Hayley Made This, I was overjoyed! My son loves anything Pokémon and so do I! So, the first thing I had to do was choose the design that I wanted….out… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Hayley Made This (Custom Azurill Doll)