Book Review: The Cantor

Image Courtesy of Indigo This book was the prequel to Chaos Looming, Book One in The Legion of Pneumos series by H.B. Reneau. Summary One moment Keira was in a car speeding down the down the road with her mother in the driver’s seat. The next moment, the car crashed and they died….. But then,… Continue reading Book Review: The Cantor

Book Review: Thomas L. Goss

If you enjoy reading and writing poems, you should look up Thomas L. Goss’s recent works. As I was reading and pondering his poems, there was a lot of very colourful imagery. Photo from Amazon There was a lot of references to nature and how we were such an integral part of the universe in… Continue reading Book Review: Thomas L. Goss

Reblog Feature: Favourite Children’s Books, Guest Post by Chocoviv

“Author of Chocoviv Lifestyle Blog, Vivian takes a nostalgia ride by sharing her favorite books that she read with her kids and why she loves them. The stories that Vivian has shared here are truly heartwarming. It is so amazing that how certain books are emotionally connected to us! Apart from blogging, Vivian loves to travel… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Favourite Children’s Books, Guest Post by Chocoviv