Vendor Feature: Zuri & Emma

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Vendor Feature: Jenny Kate Creations

Thank you Jenny Kate Creations for sending these fluffy and cute pieces! Let’s get to know her and her shop at bit more! 1) Why and when did you start your business? I started my business back in November 2020. I’ve always wanted to own a small business of my own and always had a… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Jenny Kate Creations

Vendor Feature: Backstory Fibreworks

I was gifted this beautiful piece of art by Backstory Fibreworks. Thank you so much for this amazing work! Who Is Backstory Fibreworks? 1) Backstory Fibreworks was born in early 2019, after years of trying to find an artform that sparked joy. I have always loved using my hands to create things, but it wasn’t… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Backstory Fibreworks

Vendor Feature: Bennie & Bo

My tween was into tie dye items lately, so when Chelsea of Bennie & Bo, a Albertan small business reached out, I was ecstatic about it!! Who Is Bennie & Bo? Bennie & Bo was an idea my husband and I had pre-pandemic but didn’t come to fruition until this past spring when my boys… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Bennie & Bo

Vendor Feature: Queen B’s Wraps

Thank you Queen B’s Wraps for this gift! Instead of using plastic wrap, beeswax food wraps can be used to cover up your food and reduce plastic waste. Image Courtesy of Queen B’s “Queen B’s was created by Felicia Baker in Kamloops, BC.  Felicia was tired of all the waste her and her family of… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Queen B’s Wraps

Vendor Feature: Summit Diamonds

Image Courtesy of Summit Diamonds I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Razi Mizrahi when I was the lucky recipient of this pair of gold and amethyst earrings! Some Facts About Summit Diamonds Inc. 1) Razi Started Summit Diamonds Inc. (SDI) in 1998 – After Several Years in The Wholesale Business Razi Decided To Change… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Summit Diamonds

Supporting Small Businesses

These past months I have been working hard to help small businesses to promote their online presence. It’s great that I am able to my online presence to share what I love, and watch the businesses grow. Therefore, I get a little sad whenever they decide to end their discount codes for me to share… Continue reading Supporting Small Businesses

Reblog Feature: Keep Fruit And Vegetables Fresher (How To Boost Your Immune System)

Most of us understood that fruit and vegetables were important for our health. More specifically, fruit and vegetables helped to boost our immune system. However, did you ever wonder how these fruit and vegetables boost our immune system? Let us take a look at some common produce selections and their benefits. Learn more by clicking… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Keep Fruit And Vegetables Fresher (How To Boost Your Immune System)