Netflix Movie: Space Sweepers

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Tae-Ho was a former UTS soldier who abandoned his post after adopting a baby on one of his missions. In the year 2092, only the wealthy were worth living. The poor would be killed in an instant, so Tae-Ho’s job was exactly that. Instead of handing over the baby to… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Space Sweepers


Netflix Series: Bling Empire

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary This was a reality show based in Los Angeles, that followed a model named Kevin, who befriended an extremely wealthy Kane from Singapore. Kane introduced Kevin to his group of equally or more wealthy friends. As an adopted son of Caucasian parents, Kevin grew up as the only Asian person… Continue reading Netflix Series: Bling Empire

Book Review: Daring The Demigod

Image Courtesy of Goodreads Summary As the last surviving demigod born of a mortal and Zeus, Adonis was determined to hide from all of the Olympian nonsense. He despised the gods and goddesses. He would remember how he had to watch his mother succumb to her mortality. Hiding in the frozen Alaskan tundra was the… Continue reading Book Review: Daring The Demigod

Movie Review: Up

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary The helium balloon seller, Carl Fredrickson was ordered to move out of his house and into a care home. He was living alone in the home ever since his wife and childhood love, Ellie, passed away. He refused to leave his home, even as skyscrapers towered around his tiny home.… Continue reading Movie Review: Up

Movie Review: A Simple Favor

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Stephanie was a widowed mother of a little boy. She ran a vlog online about cooking and household tips. She had trouble making friends at her son’s school as she was seen the overachiever parent. On the other end, was Emily, the elegant and stylish mother with a busy career… Continue reading Movie Review: A Simple Favor

Movie Review: Soul

Image From Disney Movies Summary Joe Gardner was a middle school band teacher, who finally got the permanent position as the music teacher, to the delight of his mother. However, his true dream was to play in a jazz band like his deceased father. Ironically, on the day that the jazz band leader accepted him… Continue reading Movie Review: Soul

Netflix Movie: Full Out

Image Courtesy of IMDb After watching this movie for the fourth time, (thanks to my Tween), I believed it’s time to write a review for this brilliant movie. Even though it’s about gymnastics and hip hop dancing, the values and lessons behind this true story moved me each time. Summary Ariana was a fourteen competitive… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Full Out

Movie Review: Palm Springs

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Sarah was the older sister and maid of honour at her sister’s wedding. Nyles was the boyfriend of one of the bride’s guests. When Nyles stepped in and gave an amazing speech instead of the unprepared Sarah, they became acquainted. After spending the rest of the evening chatting, Nyle’s suddenly… Continue reading Movie Review: Palm Springs

Vendor Feature: Tiny Teethers

I was the lucky winner of the recent Tiny Teethers’ giveaway. It arrived just after I found out that a relative was expecting! Meet Tara of Tiny Teethers Family Photo Courtesy of Tiny Teethers Read below about Tara and Tiny Teethers! “Tiny Teethers began in 2013, after the birth of my first son Andreas. As… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Tiny Teethers

Movie Review: Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia As a child, I loved to watch Mr. Rogers toss his shoes as he changed from his outdoor shoes to his indoor shoes. I felt a lovely sense of calmness as he spoke and explained how the world worked from the perspective of a child. This movie was inspired by the… Continue reading Movie Review: Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood