Vendor Feature: Tiny Teethers

I was the lucky winner of the recent Tiny Teethers’ giveaway. It arrived just after I found out that a relative was expecting! Meet Tara of Tiny Teethers Family Photo Courtesy of Tiny Teethers Read below about Tara and Tiny Teethers! “Tiny Teethers began in 2013, after the birth of my first son Andreas. As… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Tiny Teethers

Movie Review: Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia As a child, I loved to watch Mr. Rogers toss his shoes as he changed from his outdoor shoes to his indoor shoes. I felt a lovely sense of calmness as he spoke and explained how the world worked from the perspective of a child. This movie was inspired by the… Continue reading Movie Review: Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Netflix Movie: House Of The Witch (2017)

Image Courtesy of IMDb It’s Halloween and a group of high school students decided to visit the local abandoned house for fun. Summary This movie was the classic, gruesome teenage horror movie. Being chased around the maze-like mansion by an unknown, supernatural force, while making some obvious and empty one-liners. Somehow one just didn’t really… Continue reading Netflix Movie: House Of The Witch (2017)

Netflix Series: Snowpiercer

After watching the infamous movie “Parasite” by Bong Joon-ho, I discovered that he had previously filmed another movie called “Snowpiercer”. Therefore, I watched some of the short videos on YouTube of the movie…. Then, I saw this poster show up on my Netflix list! Image Courtesy Of IMDb Summary In a post-apocalyptic world of ice,… Continue reading Netflix Series: Snowpiercer