Netflix Series: Sleepless Society (Bedtime Wishes)

Image Courtesy of Netflix Image Courtesy of Netflix Summary From the beginning, the Rain Castle Hotel and Resort was filled with secrets…. Nara was a flight attendant, who met a wealthy businessman, Rain, who owned a beautiful resort. One day, he invited her to visit and stay at the Rain Castle Hotel and Resort. Themes:… Continue reading Netflix Series: Sleepless Society (Bedtime Wishes)

Netflix Series: Sleepless Society, Insomnia

Image Courtesy of IMDb Aiya was a famous model, who was living with her only relative, her mother’s sister. Her mother had disappeared after her mother apparently murdered her father and her teacher when Aiya was in high school. Aiya suffered from insomnia as she would constantly float between her reality and the dream world.… Continue reading Netflix Series: Sleepless Society, Insomnia

Netflix Series: Paranormal

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Rafaat was a scientist and hematologist who only believed in science. But one day, he was sent to do an autopsy on an ancient mummy. Life began to change around him. Memories of his childhood began to haunt him. These memories would intertwine with the paranormal events that would follow… Continue reading Netflix Series: Paranormal

Netflix Movie: Bulbbul

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary As a young little girl, Bulbbul was given away as a child bride to a creepy man who looked like he was three or four times older than her. His twin brother, who was developmentally challenged, made advances at her constantly, even though he was married to a cruel wife.… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Bulbbul

Netflix Movie: His House

Image Courtesy of Summary A couple from war torn Sudan finally achieved their refugee status and was given a house to live in. At first they were ecstatic, but soon they discovered that they are living with more than their dreams…. Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia Themes 1) discrimination: One scene that hit me hard… Continue reading Netflix Movie: His House

Netflix Series: The Queen’s Gambit

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary After awaking from a car crash, Elizabeth (Beth) discovered that her mother had passed away and she was an orphan in an orphanage. In the basement of the orphanage, she encountered the custodian, Mr. Shaibel. He was playing chess by himself and she was captivated by the black and white… Continue reading Netflix Series: The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix Movie: Vampires VS The Bronx

Image Courtesy of IMDb Corporate “vampires” were going to take over the Bronx by buying out all the local real estate. The neighborhood was being threatened by gentrification! After one of their favourite shop owners mysteriously disappeared, the group of youths from the neighborhood discovered the true identity of the corporate business—- vampires! Conclusion The… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Vampires VS The Bronx

Netflix Movie: Rebecca

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia This was a remake of the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock classic of the same name. The original movie was the movie adaptation of the English paranormal novel by Daphne Du Maurier. Summary A lady’s companion met and fell in love with a handsome aristocrat, Maxim de Winter. His wife, Rebecca, had passed… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Rebecca

Netflix Movie: Cadaver (Kadaver)

Image Courtesy of IMDb This was a Norwegian film that was based on an post-apocalyptic or nuclear disaster Norway. Everyone was starving to death. Daily life was horrible. In the middle of this chaos, a mysterious and wealthy man arrived in Leonara’s town. The man was offering a free meal with a promise of a… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Cadaver (Kadaver)

Netflix Movie: Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street) 2007

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia A barber was wrongful thrown into prison for over a decade. When he finally made it out alive, he was devastated to discover that the judge who gave him the sentence raped his wife and took his daughter. Ultimately, he was told that his wife then took her own life by… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street) 2007