Netflix Movie: Space Sweepers

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Tae-Ho was a former UTS soldier who abandoned his post after adopting a baby on one of his missions. In the year 2092, only the wealthy were worth living. The poor would be killed in an instant, so Tae-Ho’s job was exactly that. Instead of handing over the baby to the authorities, he adopted her. Unfortunately, the loss of his job cost him his comfortable lifestyle. While living on the street and gambling, he lost his daughter during a catastrophe. He became a space sweeper to make money to look for her.

In this part of the future, UTS was the conglomerate whose CEO Sullivan discovered a way to make Mars a home for the wealthy. He declared Earth a wasteland. On the other hand, a group of terrorists was determined to stop him for some reason with a child humanoid and hydrogen bomb. So when Tae-Ho and Captain Jang’s team discovered the child humanoid on board their ship, he told them that they could finally pay off all their debts! He found a cellphone on the child and proceeded to contact the owner…. They would pay handsomely, right?

If only things were that simple….


This movie brought out a lot of interesting and thought-provoking ideas. How come only the wealthy got to move to Mars? What about the rest of the world? Why were they just throwing their trash into space (that’s what the space sweepers did, sweeping space trash)? So instead of trying to save Earth, this rich conglomerate used all the resources to grow a wealthy and privileged community on Mars?? Ironically, he was worshipped as the saviour of humankind?

The internal growth of the crew mates was what I enjoyed the most about this movie. There were so many times that I was so moved with emotion. The child humanoid helped to make this a family movie with many life lessons.

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