Sharing Harry Potter Memories With My Minions

From the start, my Eldest Minion was already interested in Harry Potter as a few of her friends owned the whole set of the books. So, I was the one to join her to watch the movies on Netflix. My Younger Minion was not interested at all. That was before the pandemic hit. As we… Continue reading Sharing Harry Potter Memories With My Minions

Reblog Feature: 5 Hygiene and Safety Tips on Cloth Face Mask – 2020 School Year

“Schools are starting soon, and parents are concerned about the safety of their children. There are a lot of unknowns, and like everything else in 2020, we are all learning as we go on. Some of us are trusting the system and sending our kids to school, some with cloth face masks and some without. I know… Continue reading Reblog Feature: 5 Hygiene and Safety Tips on Cloth Face Mask – 2020 School Year

Art Inspiration: Naruto, The Anime

During this Covid-19 pandemic, I finally had the opportunities to really sit back and enjoy some anime. “The term anime is derived from the English word animation, and in Japan is used to refer to all forms of animated media. Outside Japan, the term refers specifically to animation from Japan or to a Japanese-disseminated animation style often characterized by colorful… Continue reading Art Inspiration: Naruto, The Anime

Back To School Covid Jitters

Back to school time is coming! Normally, the children are all excited to go back to see their friends, while the whole family goes back to school shopping. Not this year… Thanks to COVID-19, majority of the families I know are very hesitant or worried about going back to the classroom. Being on the PTA… Continue reading Back To School Covid Jitters

Book Review: Time Zero By Carolyn Cohagan

Summary This teen novel was placed in the far future when Manhattan island was separated from mainland New York by war and a wall. “The Prophet” had convinced the citizens of the island that everybody outside was evil and that women were inferior to men. Themes 1) abuse of power: By segregating the people by… Continue reading Book Review: Time Zero By Carolyn Cohagan

Reblog Feature: My Secret To Easy Waste Free Picnics

Maybe not this year, COVID kind of threw us off our routine and plans for this summer. But we are a road trip kind of family. Every summer we go camping at least twice or three times which includes a short road trip going and coming back plus a road trip to Okanagan. We have… Continue reading Reblog Feature: My Secret To Easy Waste Free Picnics

Shopping Memories Before Leaving Japan

Being in Japan before the Covid-19 lock downs, everyone was still talking about the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. No one ever expected lock downs to happen…. So there was a lot of memorabilia sold everywhere and especially at the airport. I wished I took more photos…..sigh…. Pokémon Store The airport was the only place that… Continue reading Shopping Memories Before Leaving Japan

Quarantine Rant: Be Grateful

Made With Loops Growing up, we didn’t have much. My parents taught me to appreciate and be grateful for what was given to me. This is especially crucial regarding any presents and gifts during holidays and birthdays. 1) Be thankful 2) Even if it’s something that you didn’t need it, you should still say thank… Continue reading Quarantine Rant: Be Grateful

Nishiki Market Experiences Before Covid-19

If you ever visited Kyoto, the Nishiki Market would be an exciting place of interest for visitors. The high ceilings of this market gave a feeling of spaciousness, even though the market itself was a bit narrow. It could become quite busy, as locals would come here to purchase authentic, locally-made delicacies. One of the… Continue reading Nishiki Market Experiences Before Covid-19

Fabulous Foods For Father’s Day

It’s been such a long while that we could gather as a family, even for small groups. We were all grateful that we could get together to savour some delicious food! Our family had this tradition of visiting my grandparents’ resting place on special occasions to place some flowers and even hang out to “share”… Continue reading Fabulous Foods For Father’s Day