Art Inspiration: Wishing Tree

If you could have Just one wish, What would it be? A billion dollars Or just plain healthy? —– Chocoviv Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</

My Top Nine Of COVID-19 Year

Wow! What a year! It’s been a big adjustment for all of us this year! From the beginning of Covid-19 lockdowns, I was laid off from my job of 20 years and my other contract jobs too! It was very shocking and tough to handle at first. But, as time went by, I decided that… Continue reading My Top Nine Of COVID-19 Year

Netflix Movie: Full Out

Image Courtesy of IMDb After watching this movie for the fourth time, (thanks to my Tween), I believed it’s time to write a review for this brilliant movie. Even though it’s about gymnastics and hip hop dancing, the values and lessons behind this true story moved me each time. Summary Ariana was a fourteen competitive… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Full Out

Dog Sledding In Yukon Trip (Part 2)

After a long night of watching Northern Lights with Yukon Home Tours, the next morning deserved a nice breakfast! The Burnt Toast Cafe was highly recommended by locals so that was the place to go! It was located in Downtown Whitehorse and within walking distance from the hotel. Muktuk Adventures That afternoon, dogsledding was on… Continue reading Dog Sledding In Yukon Trip (Part 2)

Christmas Eve Covid Edition

No big Christmas gatherings this year! No more work dinners or rushing to different meet ups meant less stress and anxiety for many of us. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we could only stay with our own family for the celebration. However, that didn’t mean we weren’t going to have a special dinner. Christmas Lights… Continue reading Christmas Eve Covid Edition

Movie Review: Last Christmas

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Kate was indifferent to everything or everyone. She despised her work, her family and her friends. She was once an energetic and vibrant young woman, but lost her zeal for life after her heart transplant the year before. Working as an helper elf at a Christmas-themed shop did little for… Continue reading Movie Review: Last Christmas

Reblog Feature: Okay Mommy’s Easy, Do-It-Yourself Christmas Paintings

We had our Christmas with my dad this weekend. He has to work on Christmas so we did it early. And until 2 days ago I had completely forgotten that … Easy, Do-It-Yourself Christmas Paintings This is such a great idea! I have picked up some oil paints lately, but haven’t bought the other equipments… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Okay Mommy’s Easy, Do-It-Yourself Christmas Paintings

Art Inspiration: Jingle Bells

In the twilight, Light, crisp tingling sounds Fill the air As the bells Sway to and fro In the night wind Telling us that Christmas is near…. —–Chocoviv 😊 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest: TikTok:</

Netflix Series: Alice In Borderland

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Arisu was a stereotypical young man, who stayed in his bedroom playing video games. He was definitely not interested in working at a job like his brother. Although he was extremely intelligent, he had become the embarrassment of the family. One fabulous day, he met up with two of his… Continue reading Netflix Series: Alice In Borderland

Book Review: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard

Image Courtesy of Chapters-Indigo Summary This was supposed a collection of children’s tales that were very well known in the magical world. One of the most infamous story was about the Tale Of The Three Brothers. This was a very important part as it gave clues to the background and hidden secrets to both Voldemort… Continue reading Book Review: The Tales Of Beedle The Bard