Reblog Feature: 5 Things that every blogger appreciates

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Lunar Year End Dinner 2021: Covid Edition

Thanks to COVID-19 we could not go and have a grand banquet with all my family and relatives. So we stayed home as a household. What’s For Dinner? Roasted chicken Abalone, Mushroom with Pea Sprouts Stir-fried Celery with Asian Bacon Steamed Egg Roasted Squab Steamed Fish Sweetened Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame Paste I am… Continue reading Lunar Year End Dinner 2021: Covid Edition

Reblog Feature: The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

The narcissist realm of the sisterhood. Sisterhood is all that some women can talk about it. Sisterhood this, that… and yet when you need them they … The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood Women supporting women! This is a phrase that I use more and more often. Sadly, many of us have faced people who… Continue reading Reblog Feature: The Narcissistic Realm Of The Sisterhood

Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Rich and fudgy cake crumbs combined with deliciously chocolate buttercream rolled into balls and enrobed in dark chocolate – these cake balls are fun… Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option) I love those delicious and scrumptious ideas that I am seeing because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. This chocoholic definitely want to taste all of them!… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Movie Review: The Drug King

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary This movie was inspired a true drug king in the 1970’s Busan, South Korea. In the beginning of the movie, it mentioned about the World War Two history of “crystal meth” and how it was developed by the Japanese before that. After the war, so many Japanese were still addicted… Continue reading Movie Review: The Drug King

Vendor Feature: Periwinkle Designs

Thank you Periwinkle Designs for these wonderful and eco friendly items! Beeswax Food Wraps “Beeswax food wraps are a natural alternative to plastic wrap for storing your food.  Our wraps are designed to reduce plastic while storing food naturally, which keeps food fresher, longer.  Reduce the plastic wrap in your kitchen and make the switch… Continue reading Vendor Feature: Periwinkle Designs

Netflix Movie: Space Sweepers

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Tae-Ho was a former UTS soldier who abandoned his post after adopting a baby on one of his missions. In the year 2092, only the wealthy were worth living. The poor would be killed in an instant, so Tae-Ho’s job was exactly that. Instead of handing over the baby to… Continue reading Netflix Movie: Space Sweepers

Movie Review: Find Your Voice

Image Courtesy Of Wikipedia Summary A class of delinquent and troublesome high school students were forced into joining the school’s chorus. They were the black sheep of the school and everyone looked down on them. In order to remain in the school and not get suspended, these students also had to compete in a singing… Continue reading Movie Review: Find Your Voice

Movie Review: The Rhythm Section

Image Courtesy of IMDb Summary Stephanie’s family died on a plane crash three years ago. There was no reason to live and she just let herself fall into the stereotypical spiral of drugs and prostitution. This all came to a halt when she discovered that the death of her family was the result of a… Continue reading Movie Review: The Rhythm Section