Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Rich and fudgy cake crumbs combined with deliciously chocolate buttercream rolled into balls and enrobed in dark chocolate – these cake balls are fun… Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option) I love those delicious and scrumptious ideas that I am seeing because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. This chocoholic definitely want to taste all of them!… Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake Balls (GF-Option)

Reblog Feature: Dessert Ideas Fit For The Holidays

“December is a month that is often filled breakfast, brunch and dinner parties. Most of the time these gatherings happen a pre-booked locations where the guests just need to show up. However, sometimes the guests are invited to the host’s home. It may or may not be a potluck, so the guest may be expected… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Dessert Ideas Fit For The Holidays