Book Review: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Summary In the Harry Potter world, this was a guide book that all the first years would have as one of their textbooks. This guidebook was about all the amazing beasts and creatures in the magical world of wizards and witches. Newt Scamander was a quiet wizard who wrote this textbook as he was extremely… Continue reading Book Review: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Book Review: We Will Be Watching

Image Courtesy of Goodreads Summary Four colleagues were able to book a session at London’s supposedly hottest entertainment— Lord and Lady Remingtons’ Masked Ball escape room. There was a cancellation, so they were lucky. Or were they? Themes 1) workplace toxicity: Some of us had the experience of dealing with workplace toxicity. Perhaps these workplace… Continue reading Book Review: We Will Be Watching

Book Review: Factor-7

Thank you Mindbuck Media for sending me this copy of a soon-to-be-released copy of Factor-7 by J.D. May! Image Courtesy of Goodreads Summary Dr. Sam Hawkins was the head trauma surgeon at the hospital. One day, his colleague and friend died in his arms at the hospital from a mysterious and horrid infection, while mumbling… Continue reading Book Review: Factor-7

Book Review: Craving London

Summary Jessica had just gone through a breakup with the Boyfriend and she decided to move to London to start anew. This memoir was a recollection of her experiences in London as she discovered new foods and new people. She documented each potential boyfriend and the men that she dated with a particular food or… Continue reading Book Review: Craving London

Book Review: Usborne Growing Up For Girls

This was the second book that I read regarding growing up for girls. I was very impressed with the range of topics in this book. There wasn’t much graphics nor colour pictures in this book though. Besides the basic growing up topics about the changing body, it included: -eating disorders -exercise -body image -sex and… Continue reading Book Review: Usborne Growing Up For Girls

Book Review: The Littlebig Detectives

Image Courtesy of Goodreads Summary As a baby in her mother’s belly, Lorelai was a very curious, little girl, who was determined to be a detective. She was busy solving the cases of her toys when she was given Niami, a plush cat. The two of them worked together to handle the mischief that happened… Continue reading Book Review: The Littlebig Detectives

Book Review: Ocean Academy (Transformation)

Image Courtesy of Goodreads Summary Finn was on the top of his nymph hierarchy of teenage friends. Nymphs were the blue-bloods of the ocean. They had all the comforts and luxuries at their fingertips. Flynn and his friends played destructive games in the ocean that harmed the surroundings and its inhabitants. One day, because of… Continue reading Book Review: Ocean Academy (Transformation)

Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

Image Courtesy of Amazon Being a mother and an early childhood educator myself, I value the information that this book has in its pages, even though my children are much older than 8 now. Despite the fact that I have the training for early childhood education, it is often easier to be more in control… Continue reading Book Review: Shhhh…Listen!

Book Review: Penchant For Trouble

This was the first part of the book series about Trish Penchant. She was a foster child who had been hopping from one foster home to another. From the very beginning, Trish knew that she had to hide her secret…. The very secret that caused to leave each foster home each time. Hence, she tried… Continue reading Book Review: Penchant For Trouble

Inspired by Art: Patronus in the Forest

I paint alone…. Except this time… I got to paint with my sister! It was a lot of fun sharing a canvas at Paint Nite. The inspiration was a forest at night… After painting all the trees, we wanted to add a personal touch at the path…. what to paint?? Suddenly, she said, “Patronus!” As… Continue reading Inspired by Art: Patronus in the Forest