Book Review: Ocean Academy (Transformation)

Image Courtesy of Goodreads


Finn was on the top of his nymph hierarchy of teenage friends. Nymphs were the blue-bloods of the ocean. They had all the comforts and luxuries at their fingertips. Flynn and his friends played destructive games in the ocean that harmed the surroundings and its inhabitants.

One day, because of another date, he ventured into the sea witch’s lair and came out transformed…..


  1. Be kind to the environment
  2. Actions have consequences
  3. Imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes


To be honest, I was a bit irritated at the behaviour of the nymphs at the beginning chapters. It irritated me immensely. However, once I was able to get past those chapters, Flynn’s adventure began to draw me in. Then, suddenly I was at the end of the book! I am looking forward to the upcoming books in the series.

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