Stella And Dot’s Keep Collective Watches and Wristbands

It’s been a long time since Stella And Dot had such a big sale! So, when my mompreneur buddy sent me the notice about it, I immediately began scrolling down the sale section. These were my choices from the Keep Collective Collection. It caught my eye as you can purchase the bands and main watch… Continue reading Stella And Dot’s Keep Collective Watches and Wristbands

Liebster Award Nomination By Beautyofcafe205

Thank you Beautyofcafe205 for this nomination! It’s so wonderful that we, bloggers, are supporting each other through these tough times. Questions From Beautyofcafe205 1.What is that ONE dish that you can eat regularly and won’t get enough of it? Sushi 2. Are you from the country you currently are living in? Yes 3. This year has been… Continue reading Liebster Award Nomination By Beautyofcafe205

Reblog Feature: A DAY OF REST

A weekday…day of rest, to this I can attest…… getting stuff done— at least ONE— at least I’ll do my best! – Jonathan Caswell A DAY OF REST Each day we are bombarded with so many tasks to do! We are expected by everyone around us to do all of them perfectly. Unfortunately, sometimes our… Continue reading Reblog Feature: A DAY OF REST

POTD: Wildflowers In The Wild

Oh, to be wild and free! When you take a walk, do you take your time to pause and take a look? Besides the flowers that bloom in the flower beds, have you seen some of the wild ones among the wild grass? Like in real life, how many times have we notice do we… Continue reading POTD: Wildflowers In The Wild

POTD: Snail In The Sun

We are all frantically worried about the future, it’s nice to see that nature has its ways of reminding us to slow down. It’s not often that I find a beautiful snail in sight. These lovely creatures take their time to travel with their homes on their backs. How free! How are you slowing down… Continue reading POTD: Snail In The Sun

Time For Transformation

Photo Courtesy of LoveThisPic The past few months I have been doing what I always wanted to do before adulthood. 1) working out daily 2) drawing daily, as I have always enjoyed arts 3) studying Korean, Japanese and brushing up on my French. The past twenty years of my life have been about doing things… Continue reading Time For Transformation

Ideal Inspiration Award Nomination From Mughal Creations

It’s an honour to be nominated by Ayesha from Mughal Creations, thank you! To be recognized as an inspiration to fellow bloggers is one of the best feelings! Go and check out her amazing blog! RULES: 1. Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog. 2. Answer their… Continue reading Ideal Inspiration Award Nomination From Mughal Creations

Reblog Feature: Money Saving Tips In The Kitchen

A friend of mine once said to know how to save money in the kitchen is key to a comfortable and successful life. I tend to believe her, the kitchen is the center of every household around the world and how you work in the kitchen and spend money in it will determine your household… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Money Saving Tips In The Kitchen

Sunshine Award Nomination By James A. Best -Author

Amidst this chaos of times, this Sunshine Award Nomination came at the right time. Thank you James for this! Here’s the link to his nomination. The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to bloggers who inspire positiveness and creativity in the blogging community. The Rules Are : 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide… Continue reading Sunshine Award Nomination By James A. Best -Author

A Spike In My Stats

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