A Spike In My Stats

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Happy Tuesday from Comedy Plus

This is my Happy Tuesday photo of our friend’s dog. I ordered a Santa’s hat for her to wear for Christmas. She didn’t mind it and we got some super cute photos…. Thank you Comedy Plus for the chance! Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.com Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and… Continue reading Happy Tuesday from Comedy Plus

Time To Talk’s Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Thank you, Time To Talk for this nomination! What is the mystery blogger award ? – The mystery blogger award is a ‘mystery’ ha ha, no the mystery blogger award is an award which is given to “bloggers who are amazing and create ingenious posts. Their blognot only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are… Continue reading Time To Talk’s Mystery Blogger Award Nomination

Back On Twitter!!

It has been a few weeks already and my old Twitter account is still suspended without any explanation or reason. Still can’t believe that after almost a decade, it is done. On a positive note, this gives me the chance to rebuild my new twitter account with the Chocoviv name. My old account has 6600… Continue reading Back On Twitter!!

Bearded Dragon Update: 6 Months Old

Maypo, the bearded dragon is turning six months old soon. He has been growing steadily…. Here are some fun facts about him: He has shedded his skin three times without any problems. I really love the red colour that he is developing. His parents are even brighter in colours. He loves red bell peppers. He… Continue reading Bearded Dragon Update: 6 Months Old

Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

Even as a child, I planned to be a mother some way or another. I grew up watching my mom taking care of my baby sister as I was already eleven years old. I tried my very best to remember everything that she did with a newborn baby. I really felt that I was ready.… Continue reading Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

Winter Solstice Dinner

In my culture, the Winter Solstice was the same day as what we called, “做冬”. It was a time that we would eat a special dinner together with the immediate family. My favourite part was the dessert, “湯圓” which were little glutinous balls filled with sweet sesame paste or peanut butter inside, floating in a… Continue reading Winter Solstice Dinner