The New Covid-19 Life Of Zoom

Just a couple of years ago, was when I just began to use this app named Zoom. It was quite new for me. So, when the Covid-19 lockdowns came about and my Minions had to go online for school, I had some idea what it was….

Suddenly, everything went to Zoom! School meetings, family gatherings, birthday parties etc…

It was the new norm! Even my bearded dragon got to hangout with the family on Zoom.

How about you? How often are you using Zoom?


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13 thoughts on “The New Covid-19 Life Of Zoom

  1. I use Zoom for zumba class a few times a week, a once a week bible study class and meeting a couple of times a month. My granddaughter’s school uses microsoft teams for online school. I do love your bearded dragon. I think I mentioned before, my son used to have one, but he died after many years. Happy New Year!

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  2. I’ve used Zoom to talk to my friends, as well as have gone on a few virtual dates. I think I’ve also used it a couple of times for job interviews and one seminar. While I don’t like the fact that we have to pay such a large amount for group/conferences, Zoom really is a versatile platform to talk to others!

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