Sharing Harry Potter Memories With My Minions

From the start, my Eldest Minion was already interested in Harry Potter as a few of her friends owned the whole set of the books. So, I was the one to join her to watch the movies on Netflix. My Younger Minion was not interested at all.

That was before the pandemic hit.

As we were confined at home, my Eldest Minion decided to watch movies, from the beginning. Now, I saw my Younger Minion propped himself against the cushions and actually asked questions about the characters. He became fascinated at the mythical creatures in the storylines.

But, he was not very fond of actually reading the book. Lately, he had begun to read the Philosopher’s Stone. The beginning about the Harry Potter’s mundane and obnoxious “muggle” relatives did not impress him. He disliked such characters. However, he was able to remember their names.

My Eldest remarked about how she still couldn’t recalled their names did this day!

Going back to school, my Younger Minion came back excitedly one day. He had visited his school library and brought home a copy of The Goblet Of Fire.

“Look, Mom! I found this in the library!”

It was a copy from 2000.

That was exactly 20 years ago…

What were you doing 20 years ago?

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