Book Review: Time Zero By Carolyn Cohagan


This teen novel was placed in the far future when Manhattan island was separated from mainland New York by war and a wall. “The Prophet” had convinced the citizens of the island that everybody outside was evil and that women were inferior to men.


1) abuse of power: By segregating the people by class, religion and gender, the Prophet used propaganda to control the people. Anyone who didn’t believe or follow the Prophet’s teachings was punished. Family members and friends were encouraged to turn in people that they knew who “betrayed” their beliefs. Using religion to force people to do what the Prophet wanted was the main theme.

I am a person of religious beliefs too, but I absolutely object and against the discrimination of anyone who followed another religion. Respect of other human beings’ beliefs is important to me. No one should be judging and shaming another person for their beliefs.

2) sexism: Teenage or preteen girls being forced into marriages, women being stoned to death unjustly on the street, women being blamed for all the crimes like rape, were just a few scenarios that appeared in the novel. All the males that were involved in these situations were encouraged or got “off the hook”!

“Globally, 62 million girls are not in school. Every year, 15 million girls are married as children. Stoning as a punishment for adultery is still legal and occurring in over 14 countries.”– Carolyn Cohagan

Yay Or Nay

I admit that I found it quite difficult to read through the first few chapters. There were so many trigger points that reminded me of all the inequality that I have faced or heard in real life. Therefore, it took me a lot of time to work through them. But, the instant I got over the difficult parts, I couldn’t stop reading! So, it’s a YAY!

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20 thoughts on “Book Review: Time Zero By Carolyn Cohagan

  1. This book sounds like V for Vendetta in a way, segregation, sexism and dictatorship. This book would be very difficult to stomach just by the way females are treated but at the same time, you’d have to keep reading in hopes of something just and positive coming from it. Great review!

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