Reblog Feature: A DAY OF REST

A weekday…day of rest, to this I can attest…… getting stuff done— at least ONE— at least I’ll do my best! – Jonathan Caswell


Each day we are bombarded with so many tasks to do! We are expected by everyone around us to do all of them perfectly.

Unfortunately, sometimes our efforts are not up to their standards and we are reprimanded for our lack of skill?

Wait…..take a step back and think about it….

Who in this world can do everything perfectly to everyone’s demands and standards?

If that sounds ridiculous to you, it is! We are all trying our best despite the differences and difficulties that we face each day.

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” This is the same of our obstacles.

For example, I am quite extroverted to the point that I do not feel any sense of panic when I am handed a microphone and have the spotlight on me. I love doing Improv as a teenager and continue to help out in my community as a MC for events. This is a blessing, but can be an obstacle.

As I constantly attract attention, I can become very sensitive to criticism of the spectators in my life. Some of these are close friends and family who laugh at my mistakes, instead of being supportive of my difficulties. They are the same type of people who can not handle attention and prefer to hide in the background.

However, they are able to be very confrontational and combat every single negative criticisms that are thrown at them. Some of them are such strong and fierce negotiators too. I envy that!

Through this pandemic, I am learning and trying very hard to stand up for myself. Using my newfound bravery, I am setting up boundaries around how I should be treated.

Too many years have gone by that people think that patronizing and belittling me is tolerable.

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