Book Review: The Refuge By Jo Fenton

Image Courtesy of Amazon

This was the second book of the series. So, the evil mastermind of the Abbey, Dominic, was gone. From the Brotherhood, which was like a cult, the Abbey was transformed into a sanctuary and refuge for women and their children who were hiding from abusive situations. How interesting…..

This novel revolves around Mel and Jess, two sisters who were separated for 9 years when Jess was abducted by her perpetrator and Mel was trapped inside the Brotherhood by Dominic. In this book, they finally reunite and had to learn to adapt to this new life.

Trauma, self-harm, and all sorts of abuse were constantly mentioned between the covers. To be honest, I was very agitated and uncomfortable reading through it.

Think about this…. the fact that the women and the children were not safe outside the Abbey and had to stay within the walls, felt like another prison. The author shared the feelings and thoughts of the victims as they had do reopen their “wounds” to counsellors. That proved to be a very difficult task for many.


For readers who would like to delve into the psyche of abuse victims and how they adapt to safety, this book would interest them.

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