Netflix Series: Sweet Home

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary Hyun-soo was alone. The death of his family in an car accident had left him distraught and without the will to live. He decided to move into an old apartment and shut himself in. Everybody else also kept to themselves in this apartment complex. One day, Hyun-soo was waiting for… Continue reading Netflix Series: Sweet Home


Netflix Series: Itaewon Class

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia This was a story about how a cruel and successful multi-billionaire abused his power to crush those were considered less fortunate than him. This unfortunate young man, in turn, dedicated his whole life to fight all odds to challenge that multi-billionaire. Themes 1) life isn’t always fair: Sae-ro-yi, the protagonist, faced… Continue reading Netflix Series: Itaewon Class

Netflix Series: Hi Bye, Mama!

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary After dying from an accident that occurred as she was going to work, Cha Yu-ru continued to live a spirit in the living world. Suddenly, she came back to life to help protect her young daughter, who was able to see spirits. Themes 1) Stop being concerned about the petty… Continue reading Netflix Series: Hi Bye, Mama!

Netflix Series: Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Summary A young man (Kang-bae) who had the unfortunate power to get others to pour out their grudges to him, wandered into a mysterious pop-up bar ran by a dream-reader (Wol-joo) and her after-life police officer partner (Chief Gwi). Together they worked together to help others resolve grudges. Themes 1) everyone… Continue reading Netflix Series: Mystic Pop-Up Bar