Netflix Series: Itaewon Class

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This was a story about how a cruel and successful multi-billionaire abused his power to crush those were considered less fortunate than him. This unfortunate young man, in turn, dedicated his whole life to fight all odds to challenge that multi-billionaire.


1) life isn’t always fair:

Sae-ro-yi, the protagonist, faced numerous challenges in his life since high school. From his encounter with the high school bully to dealing with the bully’s father, his whole life appeared to be a tragedy.

But, he never gave up his dream….

2) karma: Just because the multi-billionaire was able to get away with corruption and inappropriate behaviours his whole life, this situation was not permanent. He thought that he was successful, but in the end, as a old man, was it all worth it?

Sae-ro-yi, on the other hand, believed in hard work, dedication, and giving people second chances. Although he seemed like an idiot for being so forgiving, his kindness did not go unnoticed.


It was like riding a roller coaster of emotions. Even though I could kind of predict the outcomes, sometimes I was quite surprised how close to reality it was at times. Definitely made me feel joyous at the end.

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