Netflix Series: Sweet Home

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Hyun-soo was alone. The death of his family in an car accident had left him distraught and without the will to live. He decided to move into an old apartment and shut himself in. Everybody else also kept to themselves in this apartment complex.

One day, Hyun-soo was waiting for his food delivery when he heard a commotion outside. The girl next door to his apartment was frantically knocking and asking through the telecom for him to open the door. He refused and suddenly she transformed into a blood thirsty monster!

An infection had exploded into the world. Therefore, the tenants of his apartment complex must group together and barricaded themselves. However, they also had to be aware of each other… survive.


An apocalypse drew out the good and bad of human nature. Teamwork and bravery proved to be the ultimate weapon against evil….

This series had some rudimentary CGI monsters. However, the stories among the tenants and how Hyun-soo became involved were worth binge-watching.

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5 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Sweet Home

  1. I do agree it is something that is very binge worthy but I do want to note that the infection is actually a curse. Each human is monsterized because of their own evil desires or strong emotional issues. While Hyun-soo does move to the apartment he technically is forced to move their because of the small amount of money that his family left him. The special effects is also a mix of both practical effects and cgi effects added on to obtain things that practical effects could not do. I do love your review and keep up the good work.

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