Netflix Series: Hi Bye, Mama!

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After dying from an accident that occurred as she was going to work, Cha Yu-ru continued to live a spirit in the living world. Suddenly, she came back to life to help protect her young daughter, who was able to see spirits.


1) Stop being concerned about the petty things in life:

As Cha Yu-ri was a spirit, she recalled how she got so upset over the most pettiest things in her daily life. None of it was worth it as she looked back. She missed all the times that she would have enjoyed more time with her family and friends.

2) sacrifices: Having their daughter die on the operation table after childbirth was tough, but her parents made the decision to cut contacts with her husband and baby when he decided to remarry after a year. They wanted the baby to only acknowledge the stepmother as mom.


I enjoyed the short stories of each of the spirits that still wandered around the cemetery before and after Cha Yu-ri became human. The spirits were able to use her and a local shaman to help resolve misunderstandings of the living relatives.

As a mother myself, I was moved to tears each time the story talked of separation.

If you plan to watch it, grab a box of tissue…….

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9 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Hi Bye, Mama!

  1. This was such a sweet show! I really liked how Yu-Ri befriended her daughter’s stepmother rather than treating her like a villain. It was refreshing to see a set-up that could easily have gone the tired old way of jealous bickering turn into a blossoming of female solidarity.

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