Reblog Feature: Lockdown Activities For Frazzled Parents

With more lockdown restrictions looming, increasingly frazzled parents are looking for ways to keep their kids entertained while they’re stuck at … Lockdown Activities For Frazzled Parents It’s great that my tweens received some board games for Christmas. Hence, that was what we did during the winter break lockdown. No gatherings over here, just staying… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Lockdown Activities For Frazzled Parents

The Lockdown Tag

I was tagged by 3YellowDaisies for tagging me! Life’s been like a roller coaster…. But since the lockdown began in March and slowly opening back up through the summer, I have been keeping myself busy. RULES:  Thank the person who nominated you! Answer the blogger’s questions. Nominate other bloggers. Questions: 1. Overall, how are you… Continue reading The Lockdown Tag