The Lockdown Tag

I was tagged by 3YellowDaisies for tagging me! Life’s been like a roller coaster…. But since the lockdown began in March and slowly opening back up through the summer, I have been keeping myself busy.


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1. Overall, how are you handling the quarantine? I have been taking it day by day.

2. Have you violated any of the restrictions? If yes, what rule(s) did you break? No

3. What viral recipes have you tried during the lockdown? My partner made dalgona coffee.

4. What activities have you missed the most during quarantine? Travelling

5. Do you wear a mask when you leave the house? Absolutely as it’s required in most places now.

6. Are you an essential worker? If yes, what is your job title? I was until I got laid off. I was a health consultant.

7. How do you exercise during the lockdown? Kpop dancing

8. Have you subscribed to any new subscription services since the lockdown started? Disney plus

9. What did/does your daily schedule look like before the pandemic started? Waking up and taking the public transit to work. Coming home and hanging out with my children.

10. Do you think that the pandemic is getting better or worse? Like a roller coaster…

11. What have you learnt/became grateful for during the lockdown? Time to myself and to stand up for myself more.

12. How do you think the world should learn from this pandemic so that things are better in the future? Definitely everyone is more aware about health and self-care.

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