Netflix Movie: FREAKS (You’re One Of Us)

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In a near future German society, certain individuals were deemed mentally unstable and sent to mental institutions. Psychiatrists prescribed medications to keep them normal. Wendy was given these medications as a child when she was involved in a school incident that involved the death principal.

One day, she met a homeless man, Marek, who jumped off a bridge and got run over right in front her. Then she bumped into him the next day! He told her to stop taking the pills, because “You’re one of us!”…..


1) government conspiracy: It was all about controlling. What one can’t understand, one must control.

2) being different can be a curse and a blessing: Marek was a good example. As he was invincible, he couldn’t die. However, that meant watching others dying around him. He would be alone ……


Like Spider-Man says, “great powers comes great responsibility”. I enjoyed watching this rather boring housewife and mother slowly transform back into who she really was…..

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