Netflix Series: Good Girls Season 1-3

Photo Courtesy of IMDb


“Three friends, whose disastrous lives were spiralling down, decided to take control of their problems by robbing a grocery store…… ”

Well, that sounded pretty boring at first….. until they discovered that they had bitten off more than they could chew….

Social distancing gave me the time to sit through all three seasons in about two weeks.


1) good versus bad:

What is the definition of a bad person? Does one bad action make a person bad?

The three housewives needed money to save their family problems. They were desperate…. they ran out of ideas…. Did the robbery make them a bad person?

There was a lot of internal dilemmas happening among the housewives as they fought to keep their lives in balance.

2) relationships are difficult:

The relationships of these housewives were all quite rocky because of many reasons. Watching them was like riding on a roller coaster….

I was very inspired by how these moms were able to stand up and fight for families, no matter how desolate the situation became….

Yay Or Nay

This is no Real Housewives series! I recommend it to anyone who wants to be surprised…. Don’t want to give any spoilers away…

So, yay!

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13 thoughts on “Netflix Series: Good Girls Season 1-3

  1. This is really a great show. I love how all the characters have so much strength within themselves and for each other. They make mistakes and deal with them. This show is a great exhibit of friendship as well as sisterhood. Great post!


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