Book Review: Cooking For Her Eyes By Susan Uehara Rakstang

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A beautiful memoir by the author regarding her growing up as a child of Japanese parents, who moved from Hawaii to mainland America. The author was able to get to remember her parents through the many meal preparations that eventually her Caucasian husband was able to take up.


1) discrimination: The comparison between Japanese and American culture clashed constantly as her parents were growing up, even in Hawaii. Even though her father had fought for the US during World War Two, he still had to deal with negativity against Japanese after the war. That was why they had to leave Hawaii.

Susan, the author, worked hard to study as an architect. But just because she was a woman, she was rejected for awards and more.

2) perseverance: Susan faced so many adversities and disappointments in life, from school and career. But, she believed in herself and had faith. Even when people she lived around her had problems, she was able to keep going by finding ways of showing support through cooking.

Yay Or Nay

I had to keep putting the book down. I needed to have a break as I got quite emotional reading some of the chapters. The book reminded me a lot of my own relationship with my own mother and my grandmother. Cooking was a huge part of my growing up. I loved to cook with my mother. It was time to chat about daily life and its problems. That was what I missed the most when I finally moved out.

As I am still tearing up as I am writing this….. I would say this book is a YAY!

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12 thoughts on “Book Review: Cooking For Her Eyes By Susan Uehara Rakstang

  1. When you discuss cooking with your mom and grandmother, it makes me think of my nana 💕 she loved to cook. And when she passed she never left behind her recipes…
    I try to replicate or fudge during Christmas time and her chocolate chip cookies, but no luck.

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