Heliophile’s Sunshine Blogger Nomination

My sunny blogger Heliophile nominated me for another Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you!

Sunshine Blogger Award is not an official award. It’s importance lies in the fact that it reflects good impacts we can have on other people’s lives. It is important for the motivation and inspiration of young generation and fresh bloggers.“—- Heliophile

No matter how many times I am nominated, I feel honoured to be recognized by other fellow bloggers. It’s important to support each other especially in this rather negative world.

1) Who is your inspiration for Blogging?

All my fellow bloggers inspire me everyday!

2 ) What do you do in your free time?

I like to read books, go shopping for deals and watch movies.

3) Who is your favorite Blogger?

I actually love reading everyone’s writing. There are so many different styles!

4) What do you plan to post next?

I am working on a product feature.

5) What inspires you in your tough time?

My children inspires me to push forward!

6) What motivates you?

Focusing on the outcome.

7) What you love about my blog ?

I love your openness!

8) Is there anything that scares you?

Yes, driving on the street scares me. Hence, I don‘t drive.

9) How do you cope with it ?

I take the public transit.

10 ) What is your favorite emoji?


11) What is your favorite cuisine?

Anything Asian! Japanese, Chinese, Korean cuisines make me smile!

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31 thoughts on “Heliophile’s Sunshine Blogger Nomination

  1. Congratulations on the award! ♥️ I’m also terrified of driving. I had to get a drivers license because I lived in the country growing up. Given the choice, I will avoid driving as much as possible.

    Asian food is really yummy. I wouldn’t have tried as many dishes as I have had it not been for my Asian husband. He’s introduced me to a lot of new dishes that I had not tried before. My favorite dish would be the Cantonese fried noodles with seafood and chicken/pork. Sweet and sour pork is good too. 😋

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