Silk Road: Tourist In Dun Huang (2005)

Dunhuang is a city located in China’s northwestern Gansu Province, on the very edge of the Gobi Desert. It was an important city in the history of the Silk Road as it was situated at the intersection of all three Silk Roads. The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel Sorry for the blurry photo! It was the… Continue reading Silk Road: Tourist In Dun Huang (2005)


Silk Road: Lanzhou

In 2005, as part of our Silk Road tour, Lanzhou, Gansu was one of our stops. “Lanzhou (Chinese: 兰州) is the capital and largest city of Gansu Province in Northwest China. Located on the banks of the Yellow River, it is a key regional transportation hub, connecting areas further west by rail to the eastern half of the country. Historically, it has… Continue reading Silk Road: Lanzhou

Silk Road: Jia Yu Pass (Great Wall)

As one travelled along the Silk Road, one must admire the Great Wall. Along this Great Wall, stood the Jia Yu Pass (嘉峪關). The pass was a key waypoint of the ancient Silk Road….Jia Yu Pass is the first frontier fortress at the west end of the Ming dynasty Great Wall, near the city of Jiayuguan in Gansu province. Along… Continue reading Silk Road: Jia Yu Pass (Great Wall)

The Silk Road: Longmen Grottoes

On my trip along the Silk Road, we stopped by the Longmen Grottoes. This was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “In 2000 the site was inscribed upon the UNESCOWorld Heritage List as “an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity,” for its perfection of an art form, and for its encapsulation of the cultural sophistication of Tang China.“—-… Continue reading The Silk Road: Longmen Grottoes