Netflix Series: Age Of Samurai

Image Courtesy of IMDb This was a historical series about the feudal Japan. It was a time of powerful warlords, who were fighting to be the ultimate … Netflix Series: Age Of Samurai Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: TikTok:</</ Affiliate link:</</ Click on image to read about my visit!


The Pokemon Cafe At Osaka

After months of waiting, I finally got to visit The Pokemon Cafe! As a huge fan of the original Pokemon series since the 90s, I have wanted to visit … The Pokemon Cafe At Osaka 😀 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: :</</Affiliate link:</

Happy Pokemon Day!

“February 27, 1995 Pokemon meets the world. The first Pokemon media, Pokemon Red and Green, a pair of video games for the original Game Boy, are … Happy Pokemon Day! Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest : TikTok:</</ Affiliate link:</

Art Inspiration: Cherry Blossoms

In the land Of the rising sun Strolling In the courtyard Under cherry blossoms Of a majestic Castle Thinking about The cup Of matcha That is waiting For me At the end Of the path. —–Chocoviv 😊 Follow Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog on WordPress.comInstagram: Twitter: Pinterest : TikTok:</

Art Inspiration: Stay Zen

Under the calm Of the waters, Emotions shall rise Tossing And Turning As the moon Pulls And pushes As I crash Against This ancient fortress. —— Chocoviv 🌊 🌊 🌊 Have you seen the imagery of waves and a mountain in Japanese popular culture like t-shirts and stationary? They are all inspired by The Great… Continue reading Art Inspiration: Stay Zen

Visit To Himeji Castle

The castles of feudal Japan was very different from the medieval ones that I was more familiar with in Europe. The Himeji Castle was the largest castle in Japan. It was registered as an UNESCO heritage site since 1993. “Himeji Castle (姫路城, Himeji-jō) is a hilltop Japanese castle complex situated in the city of Himeji which is located in the Hyōgo Prefecture of Japan. The… Continue reading Visit To Himeji Castle

Wagyu Beef Meal In Kobe

One of the most famous agricultural products of Kobe, Japan was the Kobe beef. So my travel buddies were determined to try this delicacy. “Kobe beef (神戸ビーフ) is Wagyu beef from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle, raised in Japan‘s Hyōgo Prefecture according to rules set out by the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association.[1] The meat is a delicacy, valued for its flavor, tenderness,… Continue reading Wagyu Beef Meal In Kobe

Osaka Going To Kobe Motomachi (Japan) Pre-COVID

Standing across the Osaka station platform was the Hello Kitty Edition of the Shinkansen. I wished that I could go and take a look. This time I was travelling to Kobe…. “Started as a collaboration between Hello Kitty creators Sanrio and JR West in 2018, the Hello Kitty Shinkansen is a single train set that plies the Hakata… Continue reading Osaka Going To Kobe Motomachi (Japan) Pre-COVID

Arriving In Tokyo Pre-Covid

Mimaru The Mimaru was an apartment hotel that was situated in the Ginza East district. This quaint and elegant hotel supported local artists by promoting their works of art in the lobby. One artist that caught my eye was the works of Yukari Miyagi. I love the simplicity of her lines when contrasted against the… Continue reading Arriving In Tokyo Pre-Covid

Shinkansen Train From Osaka To Tokyo

Waking up early to catch the “bullet train” to Tokyo! How exciting! It was going to be a long ride…. “The Shinkansen, colloquially known in English as the bullet train, is a network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. Initially, it was built to connect distant Japanese regions with Tokyo, the capital, in order to… Continue reading Shinkansen Train From Osaka To Tokyo