Reblog Feature: Eco-Parenting (Raising Earth-friendly Kids)

Parenting is challenging on its own. Now eco-parenting is even more challenging. I found it more overwhelming to raise my children to be waste-free and eco-friendly, but the idea of raising them to be more Earth Friendly was doable.

The best kind of parenting is to model and be an example for your child. That is true in any subject. You want them to do something and follow you; you don’t tell them to do it. You model the practice, and they will follow even when you are not around to see.

This is true, especially in our subtle ways of doing things. Kids will pick up on the way we shop, where we shop. How do we treat the things we don’t want anymore and how we manage food in the kitchen…..

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3 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Eco-Parenting (Raising Earth-friendly Kids)

  1. Good modeling can have such an impact. My mother always modeled good recycling habits, so I barely have to think about how to break down and sort packaging. The one downside is that it drives me crazy when I see people use a recycling bin like a trash can! 😅


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