Travel Bucket List Art

Ah…thanks to Covid-19, travelling abroad for leisure has been put to a halt. So, I decided to draw some of the places that are on my bucketlist….. In no particular order…..


As a little girl, the mysterious Egyptian mythology and history intrigued me. Even though I had seen some of the relics and antiquities in museums, I would still love to visit Egypt in person.


Although I have visited Rome a few years ago, I would still love to walk around the city again. I was glad that I got to see the inside of the art gallery of Vatican City.

Rio De Janeiro

Imagine relaxing at the beach with a nice, cold drink in hand…. Yes, this is definitely a dream now! Someday, in the future….


The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is such a beautiful work of architecture. It is amazing that it has survived earthquakes and war.


The Sydney Opera House began construction in 1959, and took 14 years to finish!


I stayed overnight at London a few years ago, so I would like to stay longer next time to really take a good look around the city. I walked past Big Ben that night, but that was it.


The Taj Mahal was a mausoleum built by a emperor for his wife. Wow! Imagine that!

Have you been to any of these landmarks? Which one would you want to visit next?

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56 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List Art

  1. I have not been to any of those places. But one of your drawings reminds me of the last time I traveled farther than day trip distance. Specifically, it was the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque in October 2019 (this is an annual event). I never really thought about Albuquerque as somewhere I wanted to travel; not that I didn’t want to go there, anywhere I haven’t been before is inherently interesting to me as a travel destination, but I never really thought about it specifically. My brother moved there in early 2019, and Mom and I planned to visit him at the same time (coming from different places) which overlapped both with time off work for me and with the annual Balloon Fiesta. Again, hot air balloons were never really something I particularly thought of, but apparently this was a big event so we went to check it out. It was pretty impressive… not something to go to every day of the festival every year, but definitely worth seeing at least once.

    We found a spot to watch as the balloons were inflating, and we started noticing that some of the balloons were shaped like stuff, not just balloon shaped. A large gray balloon inflating right in front of where we were sitting was starting to take shape, and we were all trying to figure out what it was… I finally said “I think this balloon is going to be that statue of Jesus from Rio de Janeiro with his arms stretched out.” It was, and as the day went on and the balloon got farther away, it looked like Jesus was ascending into heaven.

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      1. You’re friends with both of my Instagrams, right? If you scroll far enough back on my personal one, the one that doesn’t have Greg in the name, I took tons of pictures and videos that day.

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      1. I prefer being outside. Jasper and Banff in Alberta are beautiful. The Halifax waterfront in Nova Scotia, all of Prince Edward Island and so much of New Brunswick is beautiful.

        The Forks in Winnipeg is also lovely. Ontario as well has a lot of gorgeous areas.

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