Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

It has been extremely stressful for the past few weeks. I am sure that it is the same for everyone out there. One by one, the number of countries with people infected with the virus increased and everyone began to panic. Honestly, till now, I do not understand the sudden urge to stock up on toilet paper. Thankfully, I always had a deep freezer with filled with dumplings and udon for the children’s school lunches.

Now that schools are closed indefinitely over here in our school district, I am fortunate that my elder child has her Babysitter’s First Aid certificate. She is able to be left with her younger brother for a few hours as the adults need to leave the house.

Social distancing requirements and restrictions from the government, is in place now. All of our community centres, libraries, swimming pools are closed. Every business is being creative about this through promoting more delivery orders. Weddings and family gatherings are also cancelled. So, we are actually using the phone even more to keep connected.

Emotionally, as a working mother, I am completely drained. From all the worry of everyone’s health to the uncertainty of financial situations, these are completely out of my control. Feeling anxious and depressed during this time is inevitable.

I understand this…..

Life can cruel and challenging. I am trying to take a deep breath, my supplements and watching more comedies to help combat the sense of hopelessness.

Images Courtesy of Pixabay

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24 thoughts on “Social Distancing Due To The Coronavirus

  1. It will take time for sure, but it’s gonna get better. There are so many series to watch, books to read, maybe it will end up being a good and needed break. Lots of positive and heathy vibes to you and your family 🌺💖

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  2. I was just writing a comment on another blog that it seems funny how I’d been thinking over the last few months that I need to isolate myself for a while and get my life in order, but now that it’s mandatory I’m upset about it. I think a big part of the reason is because of the wider implications about freedom and government overreach and stuff like this, how frighteningly easy it is for the government to get people to cheerfully surrender their freedoms when faced with a perceived threat. (Yes, I know the threat is very real right now, but still, with all the misinformation and hype out there, who knows how this power can be abused in the future…) And also, there is a lot of uncertainty with my work right now. But I suppose I can concentrate on the kinds of getting my life in order I had been thinking about before.

    Also, I wrote and posted a new story for the first time in a month, although last week and this week were a planned time off work before all this crap started.

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  3. Being positive is even more beneficial than you’d think, Vivian. Not only does it bolster everyone’s spirits, which is so important right now, but I’m convinced it also will slow the virus.

    Coronavirus follows the path of last resistance, and someone who’s glum and resigned makes a much easier target than someone who remains cheerful.

    So, keep smiling, Vivian, keep posting and keep watching those comedies! We’ll get the better of this virus eventually.

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