Reblog Feature: Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

It’s the first day of spring. The air is soft and the sun is shining, birds are chirping. The Earth is celebrating its rebirth. ⁠
Last night was my New Year, Persian New Year, Norouz, Spring Equinox. If it was another year, I would be out with my family visiting our extended families and friends and celebrating with them. This year is different, my husband and I together with our two teenagers are in two weeks quarantine in our home. We just came back from a spring break vacation in Mexico and now for the safety of others, we are in quarantine.  And it should be that way.

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2 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Celebrating Norouz In Quarantine

  1. Precisely! That’s exactly what’s needed right now – a celebration. Delight in what’s permanent, family and spring – and still will be with us long after the virus is gone and its memory fades to oblivion.

    Nice choice of a reblog, Vivian!


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