Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

It’s Springtime already? The arrival of my Fabfitfun Subscription Box signalled the arrival of a new season.

Calpak Packing Cubes

Value: $40 US

These packing cubes have a space for you to fill in some information or labelling. The mesh cover allows for you to see what is inside. I like using packing cubes to organize my suitcase.

WEI Two-in-One Mask

Value: $45 US

There are two types of face masks:

Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask  – hydrating

Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask – detoxifying

With four individual pods each, I can use the brush to apply the face masks like paint pods!

Chic And Tonic Silicone Straws

Value: $15

You can store the four straws in a little capsule and clean with a straw cleaner. Not for bubble tea pearls, of course! Lol!

AG Hair Care Fast Food

Value: $24 CAD

According to the website:


  • Aloe barbadensis extract – derived from the aloe vera plant has therapeutic, moisturizing and healing properties.
  • Abyssinian oil – a lightweight oil that protects, conditions and adds moisture back into the hair follicle.
  • Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey – highly effective humectant that attracts 50x its own weight in moisture and penetrates the hair for long-term moisturizing benefits.
  • Silk and keratin proteins – add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine.
  • Allantoin – a skin and scalp protectant.”

thisWorks Deep Sleep Body Cocoon

Value: $40 US

To be cocooned in a scent of lavender and the softness of Shea butter…..

Winky Lux Rainbow Balm

Value: $18 US

A rainbow lip balm sounds like fun! The colours blend and activate together as a light colour. Smells like pineapple too…

Donni Rib Sweater Jacket

Value: $99US

I love a jacket with pockets! This jacket is one size and very comfortable. Not sure if I would ever pay that much for this type of jacket though… Still great to see in the box!

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5 thoughts on “Opening My Fabfitfun Spring Edition Subscription Box

  1. How long have you been getting these boxes? I have been eyeing this subscription box for a while but can’t bring myself to splurge on one. I think you got a good box filled with useful goodies. My issue is getting an item I know I won’t use and having to pan it off to someone else which seems like a hassle to me. My favorite item in your box would be the Lip Balm! 💋😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been ordering for three years now. I love trying new items that I would get in the store. Nowadays, I actually get to select some of the items that goes into the box:)! If you are interested, i can send you a link!


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