Reblog Feature: Lunchbox Dilemma Part One

One of the most time consuming part of going back to school is the packing of a lunchbox. I cringe whenever I see uneaten food come home inside the lunch box. As a mom, it is difficult to know for sure if your lunches will be eaten at all each day. You can only hope for the best.….

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11 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Lunchbox Dilemma Part One

  1. Oh wow, this post has reminded me of when the kids had lunch boxes and lunch preferences and not wanting to be in the queue and then The Phone Call?!?!! Ask yourself this, if you had a phone call from the school saying your son during lunchtime had been stabbed with a fork, what would you think? Well he is fine, but when I got there it wasn’t in the canteen, but at the school’s garden and yes it wasn’t a lunchtime fork! LOL how do us parents bloody well cope?

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