Art Feature: My Drawing of “Su Mu Cheng” of King’s Avatar

I am watching the Netflix series “King’s Avatar” the second time this month… (I will be writing my review of it next time…) and my daughter decides to sketch and draw her favourite protagonist of the series.

Then suddenly, she turns to me and says, “Mom, can you draw the ‘Su Mu Cheng’ for me?”

Immediately, I hesitated and refused….

“It’s midnight, dear. What about tomorrow?”

“I am still working on my drawing too, mom….We can draw together!”

She throws a parent-child bonding curve ball on me and I pick up the nearby pencil and piece of paper…..and some Crayola pencil crayons….

My drawing of Su Mu Cheng

This is the image of the drawing she wants in her collection……

Photo Courtesy of https://the-kings-

She is very pleased at my drawing and walks upstairs to bed….

It is a great mommy and daughter bonding experience…..

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