The Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Variety Show

What a fun way to end the year!

This variety show was so much fun! The instant the host appeared on the stage, I recognized him as street performer that I watched at Granville Island during the summer time. His name is Daniel Zindler, the artistic director of Circus 3.

Traditionally, circuses would just come to town. Our vision is a year-round circus hub presenting the best the art form has to offer. Staging big ideas on one of Canada’s biggest stages. Ideas from international, national, and local creators of contemporary circus art.“— Circus 3

Host: Daniel Zindler
It’s very interactive as the performers and even the band members interacted with the audience. There were lots of laughs!
Live music from the band, Tiny Islands.
Marley Huel on Aerial Silks
Basketball Man from New York City
Hand to Hand with Stephanie and Marley
Travis Bernhardt the Magician
Duo Straight Up from Seattle
The Grand Finale with a countdown and balloons with confetti!

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13 thoughts on “The Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Variety Show

  1. What a way for 2019 to give 2020 an encouraging pat on the back as it passes the newbie in the doorway!

    Lots of fun; obviously. Not only do you say so, but the pictures give some idea of the vast entertainments offered. Most feats astound me too, as I have the coordination of, say, a five-ton boulder.

    Thanks for the uplifting New Year’s imagery, Vivian!

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