Netflix Review: V Wars

Halloween was a long time ago…. but this didn’t stop me from being interested in the supernatural storylines. So, naturally, I became intrigued at the title, V Wars.

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The story began with a research scientist and his best friend being exposed to an unknown pathogen. Even though both fell ill, only his friend turned into a ravenous, bloodthirsty “vampire”. Eventually, his friend came to lead the rest of the “Bloods” against the human world and the scientist was given the task to help the humans.

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1) climate change: From the very beginning, climate change was mentioned. Because of climate change, the ice bergs were melting and ancient bacteria and viruses were being exposed. His friend, who turned also spoke of how this “evolution” might be nature’s way of revenging against humans, who ruled Earth for so long.

2) friendship: The scientist and his friend had been through so many situations, good and bad, throughout their lives. They promised each other to be “brothers for life”. Never in a million years could they have imagined how much this exposure would change both of their lives. This exposure forced them both to be at opposite sides of situation. Betrayals, lies and misunderstandings constantly tested their loyalty for each other.

Yay Or Nay

I binge-watched this series. There was some blood and gore, but nothing too scary. Politics and conspiracy theories were thrown into the mix, so at times I felt like I was watching The Designated Survivor…

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