A Thousand Lovely Likes

A thousand thank you’s

From the deepest part

A thousand times

From within my heart

For when I walk

Between those lines

To read and ponder

As I write this rhyme….


A poem to express my many gratitude and thanks!!

To all the wonderful and supportive community of bloggers out there, you know who you are!

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71 thoughts on “A Thousand Lovely Likes

      1. Ditto, for sure. I think our little exchange inspired me to do a gratitude post for likes! Thanks so much! I will be sure to credit your blog and you for inspiring me. I don’t think I can access the badges anymore, but I can do a screen grab of my stats page, so that will have to do. You are wonderful! I’ve enjoyed blogging with you these past few weeks! 💖

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      1. Congratulations, Chocoviv!!! Yaaayy! You deserve it, gorgeous! 🙌😊❤ Keep up the great work, your blog is beautiful and amazing ☺ I actually just reached my 200 likes mark yesterday, haha.

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