Perfect Sisters

This appliqué is sewed on the side of my gift from my baby sister. We are adults now, but I still see her as my baby sister as we are over a decade apart in age. Ever since I could remember, I wanted a sibling. I was so desperate for a little person to follow… Continue reading Perfect Sisters

Reblog Feature: Boxing Day (What To Do)

“How was your holiday season so far? The end of the year is coming up, now what do you have planned for the next few days till New Year’s Day? Are you ready for Boxing Day? Ever wonder about the history behind Boxing Day? There are a few few theories.” Click here to find out… Continue reading Reblog Feature: Boxing Day (What To Do)

Post-Christmas Clean Up

Photo Courtesy of Fowl Language Comics This comic says it all! Luckily, my Minions are old enough to know that they needed to collect the wrapping paper and gift bags. They know to write down the information of who gave them what for Christmas. I believe that it’s important to know who gave them which… Continue reading Post-Christmas Clean Up

Christmas Time Is Finally Here

Merry Christmas We got to spend Christmas Eve at a relative’s nice big house. She always had the coolest and daintiest Christmas decorations around the house. I loved looking at all the little people posing in the Christmas winter village. My place wouldn’t be able to maintain such tidiness. Sigh… not my priority right now….… Continue reading Christmas Time Is Finally Here

Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

Even as a child, I planned to be a mother some way or another. I grew up watching my mom taking care of my baby sister as I was already eleven years old. I tried my very best to remember everything that she did with a newborn baby. I really felt that I was ready.… Continue reading Growing Up Frugal: As A New Mom

Winter Solstice Dinner

In my culture, the Winter Solstice was the same day as what we called, “做冬”. It was a time that we would eat a special dinner together with the immediate family. My favourite part was the dessert, “湯圓” which were little glutinous balls filled with sweet sesame paste or peanut butter inside, floating in a… Continue reading Winter Solstice Dinner

Christmas Tag by Heart Of A Wildflower

This is such a cute tag by Heart Of A Wildflower! Click here to check this blog out!! The Christmas Tag Questions As a kid, did a sibling ever receive a present that you wished was for you? Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better? Do you make New Years resolutions?… Continue reading Christmas Tag by Heart Of A Wildflower