1-2-3 Wrapping Wontons

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Even as a child, someone else like my mom, would be the one to blend the fillings of pork, mushrooms, prawns and sometimes vegetables. Then, I would be the one to wrap them. Different shapes of the meant a different way to wrap it. Plus, it would have a different name.

With the square-shaped ones, the packaging called it a wonton wrapper:

Step 1

Put a teaspoon of the filling in the centre. Apply water on all four sides.

Step 2

Fold over and pitch the sides together.

Step 3

Dab some water on the tips, place one tip on the other and pinch them together.

The Result

The goal of the wrapping was to look like a golden ingot, according to my mom. This reminds me of some stickers by Yen!

Her Shop: https://www.yenlarts.com/product/the-year-of-ox-chinese-new-year-wall-decor-for-home-handmade-item-/103?cs=true&cst=custom

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