My Empowerment Photoshoot

Time For Empowerment

I am grateful that I was one of the 40 women who was chosen to receive an Empowerment Potrait sessions with the owner of Butter Studios. She was celebrating her 40th birthday this year, so she decided to share her happiness with her photography skills.

She recommended that we should get a professional makeup application for the shoot. I thought about it for awhile, as I was able to do my own makeup. However, at the end, I called Margaret Lai to book an appointment. She was the makeup artist that collaborated with the studio. To be honest, I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday like I normally did this year, it’s time to treat myself.

During this one hour of makeup application, I had a wonderful conversation with Margaret and even picked up some makeup tips too!

My photoshoot was fun, quick and a breeze!

During this COVID year, it’s such a blessing to be able to support and to be supported by so many wonderful people online and in-person.

Ultimately, I am truly and deeply grateful for everyone’s kindness during this tough time!

Note: For those those who happen to be in her area, Butter Studios is offering a 10% off discount on this Empowerment Photoshoot package which comes with 20 images of your choice. Just mention: Chocoviv

Check out Margaret Lai’s gorgeous makeup looks too!

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76 thoughts on “My Empowerment Photoshoot

  1. Chocoviv, The word “empowerment” is a great word on many levels. This is an exceptionally beautiful photo. You are right on being able to support and to be supported is wonderful. It all creates a ripple effect.❤️

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  2. Your portrait mirror *&* reflect Natrure’s most profound beauty (Flowers)
    yet your beauty is akin to the blazing colors of Autumn
    comprising the spectrum of the rainbow
    reflecting your beauty witin Sunrise *&* Sunset.”

    _-Van Prince

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