Poetry: A Dragon’s Story

Growing up was tough.

I never knew my own parents.

Hacking through the shell of my egg,

I finally saw a crack of light…

What was awaiting for me?

Who was outside?

Where was I?

For next few months,

My siblings scurried around me

As we crawled around

And huddled under the warm glow.

When the glow diminished each time,

My sisters and brothers fell asleep

And dreamed about tiny, tasty morsels

That jumped around

As we pounced on them.

Meal time!

That day, I opened my eyes

And we were on a slippery white surface.

I tried to look for my favourite tree

But clawed aimlessly at the smooth

Cold surface of the this wall.

Wait, this was where we waddled around

And shed our skin?




Then, I felt a slight patting on my back.

Feeling calmer,

I walked closer to this being

As I sniffed her fingers.

Looking up, I cocked my head and gazed at her.

“There, there, little one…. Do you want to come home with me?”

I felt a connection!

By Chocoviv

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