Pendray Inn & Tea House: Quick Visit

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Walking out from our hotel, I noticed this beautiful turn of the century style of house. It was the Pendray Inn and Tea House. I had wanted to try their breakfast…. But unfortunately, they weren’t open that day. However, I went in and looked around.

The Pendray Inn used to be called the Gatsby Mansion.

“Long before it was a bed and breakfast, however, the mansion was a family home – built by William Joseph Pendray, a native of Cornwall, England. Pendray had emigrated to California in 1868, eventually making his way to the Cariboo region of British Columbia to work in the Mosquito Creek mines. After several tumultuous years in the mining industry, during which he made, lost, and re-made his fortune, William settled in Victoria, and turned his attention to a new venture.”—— Pendray Inn

On an interesting note, I was really sure that I had focused each…

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