Reblog Feature: Refreshing Summertime Beverage

“It’s one of those hot summer days and my to-go drink is always a cold refreshing glass of Sekanjabin drink. Which is basically a mind n vinegar syrup drink.

This is a traditional Persian drink one of the oldest recipes that were passed on generation after generation. We don’t know exactly how old the recipe is but it was originally made with wild honey and not sugar so I imagine it dates before the invention of sugar.

The beauty of this drink is that it’s so easy to make. You can keep it for years in your pantry. And it’s so versatile. You can use it as a sweetener for lemonade or any smoothie, have it as a dip with fruits and vegetables or in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks. Because it’s ingredients apple cider vinegar and mint it is also good for digestive health.

My absolute favourite is as a dip with roman lettuce. On hot summer days, nothing beats a healthy snack of roman lettuce dipped in Sekanjabin and ice.”……

Click below to find the recipe and leave a comment:)

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15 thoughts on “Reblog Feature: Refreshing Summertime Beverage

  1. ♡ 2000 years ago, allegedly, a human being turned and fed five thousand with one loaf and one fish; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that you are in the same bracket as Mohammed


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